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're appealing to the iowa supreme court. we have someone on the board, kerry thomas in idaho, who used a condom, undetectable. he got 30 years. three gliese into a 30-year sentence in a brian in idaho. robert, my partner in starting the project, from shreveport, louisiana. he was in a difficult relationship and his partner threatened to turn him in if they broke up for not having initially disclosed to him. that's exactly what the partner did. robert served six months in prison. he has to be registered sex offender for 15 years. his driver's license has in big red capital letters, sex offender, on it. and these cases are happening at a faster and faster and faster rate. so, the injustice for people h.i.v., horrific public health policy. you can't be prosecuted if you don't know your positive. so it's come take the test and risk arrest. laws create an illusion of safety for people who are negative or don't know their h.i.v. status. says it's somebody else's job to protect you. that's an arrogance. thinking it's the rest of the worlds' job to protect your negative h.i.v. status. the h.i.v. specif
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1